20 July, 2014

Effective Practice and Question to others

Just a great post which I think any martial artist would find helpful.  It is all about teaching and training in a consistent manner to achieve the results you want:

I have mentioned this before, but Ryan Parker's blog is one of the best resources for understanding close combat methods of Okinawa, and it seems this is often related to a lot of Asian martial arts.

I hope to be posting more in the future, as I have been doing a lot of reading, thinking, watching and training.

As an aside, does anyone have similar symptoms to the following:

I feel like I have too much energy.  It almost feels pent up, not frustrating but like I need to spend quality time with my missus, if get my drift.  I am almost shaking.  Training does not seem to be an outlet.  I don't believe in chi, but if I did I would say that something is overloading me from that perspective.  If anyone has any ideas what this feeling is, comes from, or how to deal with it, I would appreciate it.  It is hard to type this, as I am all but shaking.  I have only had this feeling a few times in the past.

As always, the way is in the training!

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