11 April, 2014

More karate or martial art phrases

Here are a few more phrases that may be of interest.  I find a great deal of knowledge in the simplicity of short phrases of wisdom.  The brevity adds a measure of abstraction that requires more thought and diving deep into ones experience.

Collection of the karate proverbs written in the Yojijukugo 四字熟語 (four characters) style:1. On Ko Chi Shin 温古知新 - ask old to understand a new2. Hatsuun Jindō 抜雲尋道 - parting the clouds and find the way3. Bun Bu Ryō Dō 文武両道 - literary and martial arts as one4. Kō Un Ryū Sui 行雲流水 - floating clouds, flowing water5. Kisshu Fushin 鬼手佛心 - a demon's hand, a saint's heart6. Seki Ma No Sei 石磨之勢 - the incentive to polish stones 7. Nai Gō Gai Jū 内剛外柔 - hard on the inside and gently outside

I wish I could lay claim to collecting these, but again others have done the hard work.

The way is in training...

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