15 July, 2012

History of Goju Ryu Kata?

There was a great collaborative article a while ago between a few well known (in the right circles) karateka about the history and formulation of goju kata.




It is one of the better explanations for some goju forms beyond those in common with similar systems.  My own research and experience is not sufficient to make a judgement call, but the idea is interesting and definitely plausible, if not correct.

It also makes me wonder what happened to those times...how many people can say they train with others in different arts/styles and learn from each other?  Cross training forms and techniques with others of a similar skill in another methodology is fun and fascinating.

I think many Sensei wouldn't or don't encourage this sort of training.  Passing around students to learn different skills and emphasis, as well as bring those back to their school.  Everyone benefits.  But the naive greedy algorithm of a McDojo tends to discourage this approach, as do many legitimate schools.  "What would you need outside of us?  We have it all."

Confused or Suspicious?

Great post about the use of titles over at Ryoho Goju Ryu blog:


It got me thinking, however.  It would be safe to assume that most people using these terms do so on purpose, with some intention of proving themselves greater than they are.  "I am headmaster Grand Kancho of Watchamacallit Ryu."  Rarely, in my experience, does one with the goods have a need to proclaim it as such.  Somewhat suspicious...

On the other hand, I am sure I am guilty of using Japanese terms out of context or inappropriately.  I never thought that Sempai/Senpai was limited to a single student.  In our dojo, we have several Sempai and a few Kohai.  It is based on rank, partly, but also on sticking around and helping out and such.  I am sure this is not the intended or original use.  But like many terms in English, I wonder at which point modern usage overrides traditional use.  There are untold number of words that no longer have the same meaning.  Doom is one that comes to mind - look up the original meaning and you will be surprised.

Grading Preparation

I have been focusing my time and energy towards a fall grading.  I have been going in to the dojo about three times a week, for a total of eight hours a week.  I have been debating what additional training I can cram in before the grading.  I wanted to get together with an aikido friend of mine for a little cross training, but nothing has happened yet - conflicting schedules being a major cause.

Anyways, I have been reading and watching videos as usual, and have come across a nice little post on Sanzinsoo's blog.


Seemed to fit my own ideas.  The moral of the story - don't wait for the perfect time - that time is now!  Just go out and practice.