11 April, 2014

More karate or martial art phrases

Here are a few more phrases that may be of interest.  I find a great deal of knowledge in the simplicity of short phrases of wisdom.  The brevity adds a measure of abstraction that requires more thought and diving deep into ones experience.

Collection of the karate proverbs written in the Yojijukugo 四字熟語 (four characters) style:1. On Ko Chi Shin 温古知新 - ask old to understand a new2. Hatsuun Jindō 抜雲尋道 - parting the clouds and find the way3. Bun Bu Ryō Dō 文武両道 - literary and martial arts as one4. Kō Un Ryū Sui 行雲流水 - floating clouds, flowing water5. Kisshu Fushin 鬼手佛心 - a demon's hand, a saint's heart6. Seki Ma No Sei 石磨之勢 - the incentive to polish stones 7. Nai Gō Gai Jū 内剛外柔 - hard on the inside and gently outside

I wish I could lay claim to collecting these, but again others have done the hard work.

The way is in training...

What is important in your art

Again I must link to my betters:

The idea here is that we practice martial arts, not martial sports or martial techniques.  Without a sense of beauty, elegance and efficiency then why do we not just focus on brute force and outright death?

Fantastic thoughts abound with this concept.

The way is in training, as always...