01 March, 2014

Inspirational Phrases

It has been a long time since I posted anything.  I just haven't felt the urge, nor do I think that anything I have to say will add to that already out there, or better yet that discovered through training.  If you seek wiser words, please do visit some of the blogs I have mentioned in past articles.

Anyways, here are some interesting phrases and sayings that are relate to karate or martial arts in general.  I found this list on the Shinsokai website.  I hope that people will visit the original to see the full information, but I think just seeing the phrases and trying to understand it from your own context is also informative.

Here are some of the ones I find the most interesting, applicable and immediate relevant to my own attitudes and training.
  • Bunbu ryudo
    • The twofold path of martial and literary arts
  • Onko chisin
    • Study the old to understand the new
  • Shin gi tai
    • Character, technique, body
To wander again, I have been reading Mike Clarke's book Shin Gi Tai, and I have been thinking a lot about the training I do, and the mentality I have about it.  It really forces one to shine a light on the dark parts of one's thoughts, and seek a path through it instead of around it.  This is the toughness of spirit that I wish to instill in myself.  I highly recommend the book for those interested in traditional mindset of the martial arts.

As always, friends, the way is in the training.

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