24 November, 2013

Ryukyu Martial Arts and other great blogs

For the few that follow my blog, I would like to point out an excellent resource that (if I haven't pointed out yet in a previous blog) I would like everyone to visit and examine.

Ryan Parker Shinshii (Sensei in Okinawan) is a great wealth of information, from conditioning to application of techniques to research and development of bunkai.  The world could do worse to have more like him.  I would greatly recommend following his blog, or looking him up on youtube - he is a rare person who shares his knowledge freely and has a keen mind that cuts through the BS too often associated with the martial arts.

While I am at it, I would like to point out some of my favourite blogs.  Please excuse any repeats from previous posts.  These are ones which I visit and revisit regularly and find something new or important every time.  The world definitely needs more people like this.

As always, yours in training (where you will find the way)...

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