21 April, 2013

Amalgamation of martial arts knowledge

Super short post today, referring to a great post by Zacky Chan at his blog.  This hits me in a few ways.  Well worth reading the post in full there, and I recommend his blog as a whole.

What strikes me is that he has combined disparate areas of study into a way of his own, and continues to do so.  This once again makes me wonder what I should be doing next.  Is teaching a step I want to take or do I tie on the old white belt and start again in something new...

A friend of mine is a high ranked Aikidoka, so I have been wondering if I should start under him from scratch, or look for something else.  I don't want to put any strain on our friendship, but he is looking to build up his own dojo after his return from Japan.  I need to learn more about his style before I can commit, I think.


  1. My karate instructor has taken up aikido and found that it gives him a new perspective on the martial arts as well as a new challenge. It has also started to inform his karate (and therefore mine)because he gives more attention to locks and a larger variety of takedowns. I think it is always useful to broaden your horizons once you have explored your main art very thoroughly - you've nothing to lose by trying out aikido and much to gain! Good luck with it...

    1. Thank you for your comment, Sue. Your description mirrors my own thoughts. I just can't help but think that I might get more out of jujutsu than aikido, but I don't know why. That sounds very dumb when I say it aloud. Has your teacher incorporated his training into his karate, or is it just for his own interest/study? Have you been exposed to another martial art as well?