05 March, 2013

Don't let Perfect be the Enemy of Good

Super brief post about another great blogger, who has been a bit missed and whose blog I hold great interest.  Joe Berne over at Karate Conditioning has gone through a lot, and I wanted to point out a great little nugget (among many) in his latest post:

When Life Interferes...

The one nugget that really stood out for me was this:

Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.
This is a great quote that encapsulates something I have read by many other martial artists.  Don't think that because you can't do X, you shouldn't do X-1, or perhaps Y.  This is a common syndrome, one I am equally guilty of.  But in the end, one must push through and just do what one can.

Every aspect of training is valuable, and one step is still further than no step at all.