09 November, 2012

Effectiveness of your Martial Art

I just wanted to bring another great blog and author to light, as well as share a thought.

The Prevail Training blog is great for martial artists and those in the law enforcement profession that want to focus on a practical approach for officers.

The latest post about combat-proven martial arts provides some good food for thought.  Find the post here: Street Ready and Combat Approved

I don't want to say too much about this, except that it made me realize that it doesn't matter so much about who taught whom in your lineage.  It is important to have a good instructor with credible credentials who pushes you to beat your own perceived limits, but it comes down to your training, your ability and your experience.  Just because your teacher defeated ten attackers using a cocktail umbrella doesn't mean your training twice a week makes you just as efficient or practical.

Quote that sticks with me from the post:
So, examine your ideas about why you think you do what you do. ‘cuz when you face that moment, its going to be all about you.

It all comes down to us, our training and our mindset.

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