14 November, 2011


This is just a quick post for a great post from Mr. Charles Goodin.  Everytime I read his blog posts, I am reminded of what a gentleman (or gentlelady) should do, how they should think, and how that character development from the martial arts shines through in people's interactions with others.

His stories are always a good reminder of who I want to be, and they remind me of Mr. Richard Kim's tales.  While Sensei Kim's stories were more historical and less allegorical, they both have a very strong element of morality and behaviour.  How a warrior should behave in society.

Anyways, here is a link to a great article: Speaking Ill of Others

My favourite quote that came from this would have to be:
You can't build a house by criticizing other houses.
How true and what a great way to think of my own training!  This is one of the reasons I enjoy the martial arts so much.  You are testing yourself against yourself - it doesn't matter what the next person does, it matters what you do and who you are.  I have nothing against competition (well, maybe a little ;) ) but I think that the development of the self is of the most value.

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